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Everyone knows that food requires preparation, and that is why DeFi Tokens base on food themes. Farmers will need to farm or prepare DeFi food as rewards necessities. DeFi food are now the most popular DeFi yield farming but maybe you are tired of the short term lives of Food…

YFSwap & YFBTC in a nutshell:

  • The YFSwap team will only receive 1% of all YFBTC & YFETH farmed.
  • As of 15 October, an estimated 10% only of YFBTC & YFETH are in circulation. 90% will be farmed through yield farming
  • YFBTC & YFETH pools will have 2x more rewards compared to other mining pools
  • YFBTC…

YFBTC has only 5.6% (1196 YFBTC) initial circulation and the remaining 94.4% can only be obtained through DeFi yield farming.

Why YFBitcoin? Before an in-depth explanation of YFBTC, let talk about why Bitcoin is successful.

  1. Bitcoin is Decentralised, with no authority, government, company can affect its protocol or supply. Only you are in control of YOUR Bitcoin and YFBTC.
  2. Bitcoin blockchain is sustained through Decentralised mining, which helps to sustain the network of BTC, in YFBTC’s case its Decentralised Liquidity, which helps to provide liquidity…

YFBitcoin DeFi Yield Farming Rewards estimation


1,196 YFBTC is the🚀initial circulating supply for YFBTC [the maximum amount available for yield farming]

Please note: YFBTC Smart contract holders : 0xff034d12353867fc4228f4ae3e689cd6dcaad120

Estimated calculations on how to obtain the ratio of per-block rewards by the total weightage.

  1. If YFBTC current value is $600
  2. Per Block Yield Farming rewards: 0.008641975 YFBTC / block (Second Month)

The initial set of LPs and YFBTC reward multipliers as below:

  1. YFBTC/ETH, 20x YFBTC rewards
  2. BITTO/ETH, 4x YFBTC rewards
  3. WBTC/ETH, 1x YFBTC rewards
  4. UNI/ETH, 1x…

What you need

  • YFBTC , ETH, wBTC , depending on what you would like to do, buy, sell or provide liquidity.
  • Metamask or another supported Ethereum wallet application.
  • Supported Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)


Visit in your browser and click launch App.

Click ‘Connect to a wallet’ in the upper right side of…

What is YFSwap?

YFSwap automatically farms the most stable yield available from the safest DeFi and ensures security more than yield % using the latest farming techniques.

Harvest had a hacking of over 20 million due to its autonomous highest yield seeking protocol.

BTC is here to stay, and so is yield farming…

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