Bitcoin + DeFi = YFBitcoin [Explained]

YFBTC has only 5.6% (1196 YFBTC) initial circulation and the remaining 94.4% can only be obtained through DeFi yield farming.

Why YFBitcoin? Before an in-depth explanation of YFBTC, let talk about why Bitcoin is successful.

Find out what is YFBTC, YFBTC Tokenomics and what does YFBTC solve in this DeFi Yield farming.

Users no longer need to move to USDT if users are afraid of BTC price fluctuation. Users can convert BTC to wBTC, then use wBTC/ETH to farm YFBTC. All this while still holding your original BTC.

YFBTC smart contract protocol allows the locked assets to be used to invest in other yield reward protocol. The rewards will then be sold, to buyback into YFBTC, giving a stronger demand flow for YFBTC.