Buy & Sell YFBTC using Uniswap: Guide

What you need

  • YFBTC , ETH, wBTC , depending on what you would like to do, buy, sell or provide liquidity.
  • Metamask or another supported Ethereum wallet application.
  • Supported Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)


Visit in your browser and click launch App.

After successfully connecting your wallet with Uniswap, you can choose which two ERC-20 token, or ETH you want to swap.

Search for YFBTC token using its contract address. 0xff034d12353867fc4228f4ae3e689cd6dcaad120
When done successfully, YFBTC will show up in the ‘To’ field.
Click swap
You can exchange any other ERC-20 for YFBTC, too.
You can exchange any other ERC-20 for YFBTC, too.
You can exchange any other ERC-20 for YFBTC, too.

Provide liquidity for YFBTC markets

Uniswap allows anyone to provide liquidity for any markets by granting token to so-called pools. Such liquidity providers can accumulate trading fees.

The following describes how to provide liquidity to the YFBTC/ETH market.

Start by connecting your Wallet to Uniswap as described in the previous part of this guide.

Click Add Liquidity
Select market you want to provide liquidity, in our case it’s the ETH-YFBTC market.

To choose YFBTC, paste the token contract address in the search field:



YFswap is building a comprehensive ecosystem to create the next batch of DeFi versions of top legacy cryptocurrency such as BTC and ETH. YFSwap is also a Dex exchange on which aims to be an alternative for Sushiswap. YFswap aims to link liquidity between top crypto exchanges such as Huobi, OKB, Binance, by integrating their native tokens as pairings to obtain YFswap own reward token YFETH.


As EOS created DMD, and TRON created Pearl, YFswap will be creating YFBTC as its primary yield reward but with an additional utility to farm other future LP DeFi pairs such as YFTRX & YFDOT. YFBTC can primarily be farmed using wbtc, renbtc & tbtc. will be fully independent of BITTO once the community is large enough via governance & timelock protocol only to be supported through technical future development. Decisions will be made entirely by the community for example on which token to be listed and pairings to be added.

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