Second Stage of YfSwap.Finance A Mixture of Sushiswap, Uniswap & Harvest

What is YFSwap?

YFSwap automatically farms the most stable yield available from the safest DeFi and ensures security more than yield % using the latest farming techniques.

Harvest had a hacking of over 20 million due to its autonomous highest yield seeking protocol.

BTC is here to stay, and so is yield farming and YFBTC

Timelock , Governance with Cex Native Token bridging via LP rewards


Used for trading, community governance, liquidity incentives, dividends of protocol fees revenues, staking, issuing and generating assets, etc.

Bridging CEX exchange Native tokens all in a single platform. YFSwap by integrating a series of DeFi protocols, YFSwap will create a powerful network effect in a decentralized finance field in the future. The platform coin YFETH will continue to capture the value generated by using these DeFi protocols. YFETH holders will continue to receive dividends from protocol fees. Through smart contracts, dividends are automatically executed, so that each holder can share the dividends fairly.

Future YFSWAP DEX exchange

The fees (0.3%) are distributed partly with YFSwap (15%). YFSwap will only take 0.045% of the fees for buyback to increase YFETH value, whereas the rest of the 0.3% (85%) profits is shared with the LP provider.

[updated 10.16.2020] YFETH will also be implemented with a deflationary smart contract function. YFETH will be the native token within YFSwap. Sharing its fees with its LP providers while further implementing new utilities and functions. is a fork of SUSHISWAP v1 with a combination of Uniswap DEX v2

💻 Smart Contracts

The contracts are available at with 🅦WTFPL license. Some codes are from other projects including Uniswap / Yam / Compound / OpenZeppelin and are subjected to their licenses. The followings are the list of the contracts with rough explanation:

YFEthereum: The token contract, with COMP/YAM voting functionality.
MasterChef: Deposit LPs tokens to farm YFETH
CryptoMaker: Collect revenues, convert to YFETH, and send to YFswap.
YFSwapStaking: Stake YFETH to earn more YFETH📈.
Migrator: Migrate MasterChef LP tokens from Uniswap to YFswap.
🏛 GovernorAlpha + Timelock: Governance stuff from Compound.
🦄 UniswapV2: UniswapV2 contracts with small modification for Migration.

What is governance function?

GovernanceGov’s only power is to remove/add pools. Its ownership will be transferred to governor contract and pools will be added autonomously via on-chain voting. There will be timelock of 3 days before any changes are implemented

Are the contracts audited?

All contracts written by us should have somewhat reasonable test coverage. We will continue to do more testing. If any of you think there’s an issue with it, please let us know (preferably privately if it’s a severe issue) via Telegram at Discord to come soon. It uses exact copies of the SushiSwap contracts except for the simple inflation/deflation logic so the contracts should be safe. But it’s not guaranteed that they are, use at your own risk. SushiSwap’s migrator is removed for extra security.

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