Bitcoin + DeFi = YFBitcoin [Explained]

YFBTC has only 5.6% (1196 YFBTC) initial circulation and the remaining 94.4% can only be obtained through DeFi yield farming.

  1. Bitcoin is Decentralised, with no authority, government, company can affect its protocol or supply. Only you are in control of YOUR Bitcoin and YFBTC.
  2. Bitcoin blockchain is sustained through Decentralised mining, which helps to sustain the network of BTC, in YFBTC’s case its Decentralised Liquidity, which helps to provide liquidity for YFBTC. Only you are in control of YOUR YFBitcoin.
  3. Only 21 Million in total supply ( Bitcoin) [with only 0.02% of the worlds population [7.8 billion] is able to own all of Bitcoins total supply.]
  • 1000x lesser supply than 21 million (21,000 YFBTC in total supply) [with only 0.00002% of the worlds population [7.8 billion] is able to own all of YFBTC total supply.]

4. Bitcoin halving is every 4 years to reduce mining rewards, which in effect increases Bitcoin value.

  • YFBTC halving is every 6 months, to reduce yield farming rewards, which in effect increases YFBitcoin value.

First Month reward starts from 07.05.2021

Find out what is YFBTC, YFBTC Tokenomics and what does YFBTC solve in this DeFi Yield farming.

Note: All this is done in the safety of YOUR OWN WALLET.

YFBTC smart contract : Start happy farming YFBitcoin rewards on

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